The Naughty Tiger I

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The Naughty Tiger Mini-Series Will Mesmerize You and You Can’t Hide from It

“Don’t mess with me even in my dreams,” Joe said.

Joe is not in his 50s, and despite being young, he understands things most men in their fifties don’t. He a dangerous guy, but merely looking at him, he’s hilariously naughty.

Women love him, but he doesn’t like to associate — he’s reserved, fun, but dangerous.

Melinda couldn’t resist his allure, physique, calm nature, shades, and intrigues.

He has the eyes to see through women’s naughty fantasies. He claims to be a virgin, but Melinda doubts — maybe he’s just joking or maybe not.

He’s a darling every woman wants to date, so she followed him to an evil forest.

Why did she decide to follow him? Who knows? Did he let her come along? Did he rape her?

A tiger appeared from nowhere and the journey got messy, funny, and unpredictably dangerous.

Did anyone die? Maybe, but who knows?

The Naughty Tiger has a lot of mysteries and intrigues to unravel. It’s a dark journey.

Melinda is obsessed with this fun, reserved, intelligent, and naughty bad boy called Joe.

Joe is the kinkiest man on earth. He gets admiration from all angles, but it seems he’s focused on something outrageous.

The more Melinda tries, the nastier, crazier, and complicated it gets. There may be a happy ending, but who knows? The mystery is left in grey, but Melinda is on the pursuit to find the bright side of Joe.

The Naughty Tiger series has all you need to know.

This series took love to another level. Read it now and you’ll be glad you did.

Warning! It’s crazy, naughty, kinky, nasty, hot, and wild in here.

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The Naughty Tiger

Romance novel for women.

“How do I get the Part 2? I can’t wait. I just can’t wait!” — Esther, USA.