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Clef Shop is an online eBook store to purchase men’s relationship eBooks. Our men’s dating tips forum is: Wetclef Forum

We handle:

  1. How to approach and woo a lady (WooTalks)
  2. How to make a woman love you forever (ESCOFi)
  3. How to be good great in bed (TheDAVIDO)
  4. How to chat with a girl online and make her fall in love (ChatDicted)
  5. How to naturally cure premature ejaculation and last long in bed (Lasticle)
  6. How to naturally cure erectile dysfunction (Erecticle)
  7. How to hold a fun conversation for hours with the opposite sex and never lack what to say (FemaleSextapes)
  8. How to develop a sense of humor (HumorCode)
  9. How to subdue nervousness and develop confidence (EyeConfidence)
  10. How to chat dirty and make her stay glued to the fun drama of the relationship (Mrs. Vicky)
  11. How to know and master all the erogenous zones on a woman’s body – video (LegendaryLover)
  12. How to get a girlfriend and never be friend zoned (Mr. Friendzone)
  13. How to be a real alpha male and master all the secrets of a good-bad guy (FaceIt)
  14. All the legendary rules of the game and all you need to know to avoid being a nice guy or a one minute man


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